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iLogix Computer Solutions


When it comes to the repair of your device iLogix Computer Solutions give a unique experience. With iLogix Computer Solutions you don’t just get a working device, iLogix Computer Solutions give you second to none customer care and technical knowledge.

iLogix Computer Solutions have been I.T guys for decades, iLogix are the tech guys not the sales guys and for us everything is about your device. iLogix Computer Solutions have been Microsoft and Apple Certified Professionals for more than 20 years and our Technical foundation is solid.


iLogix Computer Solutions stock a huge amount of parts and can resolve common issues such as broken screens, damaged DC in ports and battery charging issues very quickly.

Our expertise can save you money. There are a lot of companies that offer to repair your Computer, Smartphone or Tablet however not many of them repair at component level. This means that rather than locate circuit faults and correct them at board level they will replace the entire board. For some computers, especially Apple, that can be an expensive repair that could be enough for you to throw your device away. What’s more if iLogix Computer Solutions can not repair your computer it will not cost you a penny.

Using iLogix Computer Solutions to repair your device is a no brainer.

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