iLogix Computer Solutions Privacy and Terms Policy


Data and Sharing:

First and foremost everything iLogix Computer Solutions does is driven by complete mutual respect. We offer total transparency in what we are doing and how we charge. We provide a report with every repair detailing what we did or intend to do. When we invoice we clearly state the cost of parts and the cost of labour. All charges will be pre agreed ensuring no surprises. The labour charge does not change meaning no matter how much time we spend on your repair you will only ever pay the same labour charge. 

iLogix Computer Solutions payment terms is net 7 meaning by doing business with iLogix Computer Solutions you are agreeing to pay the invoice within 7 days of receiving it.

​When contact is made with iLogix Computer Solutions through a website contact form the contacting party presents their name, email address and phone number. In addition to the contact information the contacting party can write a message. iLogix Computer Solutions do not share these details with anyone*. Every transaction of business and information is private between iLogix Computer Solutions and the contacting party or customer with one exception only. iLogix Computer Solutions do not look at customers data. We* are not interested in anything other than the device functionality and its good working order. If we* are working on a device, however, and we come across evidence of illegal activities or wrongdoing we will share this with the authorities to safeguard lives and the community. 


If the contacting party purchases a repair service from iLogix Computer Solutions a record is kept of the customers contact details, the serial number and other describing details of the device, details of the fault, resolution and charges. iLogix Computer Solutions use this for record keeping purposes only.

Store Policy:


When a purchase is made through the iLogix Computer Solutions store or website details entered at the checkout are used for shipping, inventory, stock keeping and good record keeping purposes. This would be used to assist the customer only. 


iLogix Computer Solutions will not be held accountable for any damage caused by any item purchased through the store to either persons or property. The resources for sale are superb products however skill and safety precautions are required to use them. If any buyers are in doubt iLogix Computer Solutions recommend that a repair service is purchased in place of tools and parts.


Delivery is not the essence of the order. iLogix Computer Solutions only sell UK stock therefore delivery is fast but no guarantees are given except strictly by pre arrangement and agreement.


All invoices are to be paid to iLogix Computer Solutions within 7 days except by mutual agreement.

iLogix Computer Solutions accept credit card payment through Stripe and PayPal. iLogix Computer Solutions do not use PDQ machines and do not take card payments over the phone. iLogix Computer Solutions do not store credit card information and if we review a payment through Stripe and PayPal we will only ever be able to see the last 4 digits of your card number at the most.

Details of Bank transfers are stored on banking computer systems only. iLogix Computer Solutions do not store bank details.

iLogix Computer Solutions keep a record of payments, logging the amount next to the device, customer and fault description. This is purely for the purpose of good record keeping.


iLogix Computer Solutions do not spam. Any contact will be purely in line with products, services and enquiries. 


In conclusion iLogix Computer Solutions are only interested in giving the customer a good experience. Every piece of information that iLogix Computer Solutions record is in the interest of achieving this goal only*. 

Please ask if you are unsure or would like clarification.


* except in the case of any perceived wrong doing.

we = iLogix Computer Solutions