iLogix Computer Solutions Terms of Service and Privacy Policy


Data and Sharing:

First and foremost everything iLogix Computer Solutions does is driven by the goal of complete mutual respect and customer satisfaction. We* offer total transparency in what we* are doing and how we*charge. We* provide a report with every repair detailing what we* did or intend to do.

​When contact is made with iLogix Computer Solutions through a website contact form the contacting party presents their name, email address and phone number. In addition to the contact information the contacting party can write a message to us*. iLogix Computer Solutions do not intentionally share these details with anyone*. Every transaction of business and the information gathered for this is private between iLogix Computer Solutions and the contacting party or customer with one exception only*. iLogix Computer Solutions do not look at customers data. We* are not interested in anything other than the device functionality and its good working order. If we* are working on a device, however, and we* come across evidence of illegal activities or wrongdoing we* will share this with the authorities to safeguard lives and the community. 

iLogix Computer Solutions may need to be able to log onto the device in order to test the functionality. Any passwords or passcodes will not be stored.


If the contacting party purchases a repair service from iLogix Computer Solutions a record is kept of the customers contact details, the serial number and other describing details of the device, details of the fault, resolution and charges. iLogix Computer Solutions use this for record keeping purposes only.


iLogix Computer Solutions do not spam. iLogix Computer Solutions will not be held accountable or liable for any loss or damage should an unsolicited email or communication be received and actioned claiming to be from iLogix Computer Solutions.

The Customers Data:

The security and availability of any data on any device we* are repairing or examining is the responsibility of the customer. iLogix Computer Solutions do not guarantee the security or safety of your data on the device as some faults and subsequent repair processes can be destructive to the data stored on the device. While we* take every precaution possible to make sure the integrity of your data is unaffected, we* cannot assume liability for any lost data as a result of services performed by iLogix Computer Solutions. If we* are carrying out a repair that we* know will result in data loss we* will make the customer aware and give them the option to cancel the repair process pending a backup. iLogix Computer Solutions may need to be able to log onto the device in order to test the functionality. iLogix Computer Solutions highly recommend that the customer backs up their data prior to the repair. A backup should be a standard process.

Breakdown of charges:

When iLogix Computer Solutions send an invoice we* clearly state the cost of parts and the cost of labour. All charges will be pre agreed and if there is a change we* will notify the customer before we* carry out the repair. The labour charge does not change meaning no matter how much time we* spend on your repair you will only ever pay the same labour charge. The labour charge will be set out prior to the repair attempt.


All quotes are estimates. While we* try to be as thorough as possible with all estimates, we* do not guarantee that our estimate is all-inclusive and final. Often, it is very difficult or impossible to identify every problem affecting a device until some work is performed. Our estimates may evolve or change during the course of servicing your device. If iLogix Computer Solutions need to update the estimate, we* will let you know as soon as possible before we* proceed any further. All changes must be approved by the customer before we* move on with any work. Our initial estimate will always remain valid within the scope of the services it was originally attached to, though we* may advise you that the original service may have become unnecessary or unlikely to resolve the issue.

Payment terms:

Unless previously agreed iLogix Computer Solutions payment terms is net 7 meaning by doing business with iLogix Computer Solutions you are agreeing to pay the invoice within 7 days of receiving it.

iLogix Computer Solutions accept credit card payment through Stripe and PayPal. iLogix Computer Solutions do not use PDQ machines and do not take card payments over the phone. iLogix Computer Solutions do not store credit card information and if we* review a payment through Stripe and PayPal we* will only ever be able to see the last 4 digits of your card number at the most.

Details of Bank transfers are stored on banking computer systems only. iLogix Computer Solutions do not store bank details.

iLogix Computer Solutions keep a record of payments, logging the amount next to the device, customer and fault description. This is purely for the purpose of good record keeping.

Device repair policy:

The repair of electronics is unpredictable. iLogix Computer Solutions will endeavour to repair your device as agreed from the outset however we* cannot guarantee this fix or that further issues will not arise. There will be times when a device is beyond repair or permanently damaged during repair and thus rendered useless. Circuit board components deteriorate over time and can fail without warning especially on liquid damaged devices where components can short circuit, oxidise, corrode and rust over time. Repairs on devices with glued-on screens such as iPads involve prying the screen to access internal components. Screens are very delicate and can crack or break during the prying process. We* are highly experienced and the risk of screen breaking is minimal, but glass can break and risks do exist. Touch id / Face id on apple devices may fail during repair and deemed unusable. Although this is not common, it can happen depending on the device condition. 


iLogix Computer Solutions may fix the specific issue we have been asked to work on but that would not include any other non related issue that pre-exist or occur following. If we become aware of an additional fault we will bring this to the customers attention. We* will not be held accountable for any damage that may occur to a device after we* have returned it or the customer has collected it even if we* are said to be at fault. 

iLogix Computer Solutions may need to log onto a device to test the functionality. This may require the customer to give us* the device passcode or password. The customer can chose not to provide this in which case the device may be returned to the customer untested and could potentially be in an unrepaired state where charges still apply.

Third Party Repairs:

iLogix Computer Solutions are not accountable for or will be held liable for any conduct, opinions and work including charges by any third party including the customer be it past, present or future. iLogix Computer Solutions do not offer no fix no fee on any device where there has been a prior repair or repair attempt. If we* are working on a device with prior knowledge of a past repair or repair attempt or a previous repair or repair attempt becomes apparent during the iLogix repair any no fix no fee agreement will be void and charges will apply. These charges will be the same as a successful repair. 

Trade Repairs:

Trade Repairs are welcome however iLogix Computer Solutions is not a white label service. No Fix No Fee does not apply to Trade Repairs. 


iLogix Computer Solutions offer local collection and delivery subject to availability. Customers are welcome to send devices for repair to us by courier or post however iLogix Computer Solutions will not accept any liability or be held accountable for any items damaged in transit. iLogix Computer Solutions will use the same packaging to return items that the device was sent in. iLogix Computer Solutions recommend that customers consult the carrier to ensure that all items are packaged and insured in accordance to the carriers terms and conditions. iLogix Computer Solutions highly recommend that the customers backs up their data prior to shipping.

Repair times:

The time it takes to repair a device is not the essence of the order. iLogix Computer Solutions source parts and components from multiple suppliers some of which are overseas. iLogix Computer Solutions will keep the customer updated at all times with the progress of repairs and will give an estimated repair time during the repair negotiation process with the customer. This is however an estimate and can not be taken as an exact agreement. There may also be times when iLogix Computer Solutions are unable to source a part. This will result in a no fix. When the latter occurs iLogix Computer Solutions will endeavour to offer an alternative outcome which may potentially alter the final cost of the repair if the customer accepts it.

Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy 

By doing business with iLogix Computer Solutions the customer agrees to the iLogix Computer Solutions Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Please ask if you are unsure or would like clarification.


* except in the case of any perceived wrong doing.

we and us = iLogix Computer Solutions

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