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iLogix Computer Solutions repair gaming systems. iLogix Computer Solutions see common issues that we can repair quickly such as broken DC connectors and HDMI Ports. We see a lot of broken HDMI Ports on the Playstation 5 and we can fix these quickly by resoldering a new HDMI port. Broken screens on the Nintendo Switch is another common issue iLogix Computer Solutions see. Liquid damage, electrical issues, iLogix have seen it all and we carry parts for the most common issue making sure that your downtime is absolute minimal.

Our mission at iLogix Computer Solutions is to repair electronic devices from electrostatic discharge safe and compliant home workshops using the latest industry standard soldering stations, power supplies, microscopes, multimeters and much more to assure you of quality repairs. Our customers will NEVER be the victim of business overheads or expose or be exposed to the dangers of Covid-19. Satisfaction only, that’s all.

Don’t panic ! sit back and relax while iLogix Computer Solutions repair your gaming console.

iLogix Computer Solutions can repair the electronics in your game console and get you back in the chair.

Do not miss the party, call iLogix Computer Solutions now on 01252 962898.


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If you need our help or have a questions please call us on 01252 962898.

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Some of the common scenarios iLogix see are:

Playstation 5 repairs - Nintendo Switch not powering on - Nintendo Switch not Charging - XBOX Repairs - Sony Playstation repairs - PS 2 - PS Vita repairs - XBOX 360 - XBOX ONE - XBOX Portable - Blue Ring - Computer will not boot - Screen repairs - DC jack repairs - power supply problems - board level repairs - soldering - memory upgrades - solid state disk replacement - computer crashing - data recovery - virus and malware removal - startup issues - bluescreen errors - kernel panic, beach balling/spinning wait cursor - random restarts - computer slowness

iLogix Mac repairs. Display not working - no backlight on LCD - no green light on charger - mouse curser on Mac very slow - trackpad and keyboard stop working - battery not charging - Mac not booting - replacement LCD - CPU vcore - GPU slowness - liquid damage - Nintendo Switch Repairs - PlayStation Repairs - XBOX Repairs- SEGA Megadrive Repairs - SEGA Dreamcast Repairs -Nintendo Wii Repairs - SEGA Mastersystem Repairs

We repair ATARI and you will never beat my Space invaders high score !!!

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