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Disclaimer: We are not condoning, suggesting or giving you instructions on how to dismantle your gaming console. Anything you do you do at your own risk and failure to seek out expert services may result in serious damage to you and/or your console. This blog is for fun and informational purposes only. If you need our help then call us on 01252 962898

iLogix Computer Solutions recently had a customer bring us this XBox One. She told us that there was no display output and she thought that the HDMI Port had been damaged. On inspection we found that the port was indeed broken.

As a retro gamer I have a lot of experience with gaming consoles. I always remember the Joysticks that shipped with the 80s Atari 2600 Console. They were so solid you could beat them off a wall and they would still work.

Of course it was not until I got a QuickShot 2 Joystick to use on my 48K ZX Spectrum that I realised just how good the Atari ones were.

Sure the QuickShot 2 fitted in your hand, had suction cups to help it hold the surface you was playing on and it had a superb auto-fire feature. The problem was it just was not that sturdy. I had to return this under warranty multiple times and guess what ? I still have that Atari Joystick to this very day and it works as good as it did when we got it, albeit a bit chewed.

The more complex things become the wider the scope for failure and this HDMI Port is no different. I am not saying the XBox One HDMI port is flimsy, you just need to take care when connecting and disconnecting the HDMI Cable and moving the console. We see people flip the console around 180 degrees because they want to plug in a controller and this put pressure on the cables that are already seated which can cause damage.

So, back to our broken HDMI Port.

The first thing we do is dismantle the console, remove all the casing and take the system board out. We removed the heatsink and cooling fan. This gives us good view of the systems condition and allows us to clean the heatsink and fan. This also exposes the processor which we will clean up and then apply new thermal paste.

With our HDMI Port now exposed we can start by removing the old one. This involves applying a mix of new solder and hot air.

With the port removed we can now clean up the pads and solder on a new HDMI Port. Reassemble and job done.

iLogix Computer Solution hold a lot of Gaming Console parts including HDMI Ports for XBox and Playstation consoles.

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