Reset your Camera and Microphone

Following on from our previous Blog on Privacy access in macOS you may find the following commands useful if you want to completely reset your Camera and Microphone access. This can be a helpful troubleshooting step.

iLogix Computer Solutions take no responsibility for any issues you may introduce using these commands. We are offering this advice in the hope that we can help you however we strongly urge you to do your own research and only run these commands if you are 100% that it is right for you.

We previously discussed that any Apps that have been granted access to your Mac Camera and Microphone hardware will be listed under System Preferences / Security and Privacy.

In System Preferences / Security and Privacy click into the Privacy Tab and scroll down to Camera and Microphone.

To clear the list start the Terminal App which is located in /Applications/Utilities or use Spotlight Search (cmd+Space). You do not need Admin rights in this case.

To reset your Camera access list run:

tccutil reset Camera

To reset your Microphone list run:

tccutil reset Microphone

The list will now be empty and the next time you launch an App that requires access to the Camera and Microphone on your Mac you will be asked to Allow Access again.

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