Office 365 Managed Folder Assistant

Have you enabled an Online Archive in Office 365 and applied a retention policy ? are you wondering why it's not working? The Managed Folder Assistant in Office 365 must run in order for Retention Policies and Policy Tags to work, however the Managed Folder Assistant runs on a schedule. You can, however, call this to run immediately against a specific mailbox using Powershell.

Disclaimer: Please understand what each command means and what it does. Do not blindly run commands and scripts copied from web pages like this. iLogix Computer Solutions can not be held accountable for any issues that are introduced by running these commands.

The first thing to do is connect to Exchange Online through Powershell. Run the ExchangeOnlinePowershellModule App then connect into your Office 365 Tennant.

Run the following command.

Import-Module ExchangeOnlineManagement

Run the following command and authenticate with an account with permissions to run the Managed Folder Assistant.


Run the following command to get the users mailbox unique identifier

PS C:\Users\me> get-mailboxlocation -user <> | fl mailboxGuid,mailboxLocationType

MailboxGuid : 2ff7df56-cd45-542x-44ee-0hh30a5422e7

MailboxLocationType : MainArchive

MailboxGuid : 87ee9b3cd-88cb-455-9c5c-211111111111

MailboxLocationType : Primary

Then start the managed folder assistant on the Primary Mailbox

PS C:\Users\me> Start-ManagedFolderAssistant 87ee9b3cd-88cb-455-9c5c-211111111111

If you monitor the mailbox in the Office 365 Admin Portal you will notice that the Primary mailbox is now slowly going down while the Archive mailbox is slowly going up.

I hope this nugget has helped you.

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