iCloud Activation Lock

How to remove Activation lock from your iOS device.

This blog addresses removing Activation lock from an iOS device. iLogix Computer Solutions Technical Support may refer you to this article prior to commencing a device repair. It will only apply if you can interact with your device. For instance if you have an issue with your cameras or touch ID, however if the device is unusable for reasons such as a damaged screen or it will not turn on then this article will not apply to your issue.

When iLogix Computer Solutions repair an iPhone or an iPad we will take into account that issues can be software related as well as hardware. There will be times of course when we will know what the fault is just by looking but at other times we may have to perform a factory reset on the device to rule out an issue with the device software. Don’t panic, we will back it up first.

When you sign into your device with your Apple ID your device becomes activation locked which means that after a device reset the device will, at next startup, connect to the Apple Activation servers and download its activation record. At this point it will check to see if the device had been signed in to an Apple ID and at startup will then prompt for this Apple ID password. If you do not know the password you can not startup the device properly. This Activation Lock feature is for security purposes meaning that a stolen device becomes unusable.

There are “workarounds” and “fixes” for Activation locked devices all over the Internet as well as websites that will take you money to remove the Activation Lock. Do not be fooled.

Before iLogix Computer Solutions can accept your device for repair we will need you to sign out of your Apple ID:

To remove Activation Lock from your iOS device:

Go to settings:

Then go to your iCloud Settings:

Scroll down and select Sign Out:

Enter your Apple ID password and select Turn Off:

You can keep a copy of your iCloud data on your device, the data will vary depending on what settings you have enabled. This is data stored in your iCloud account so even if you remove it from the device it will not be lost.

Select Sign Out and when asked if you are sure select Sign Out once more:

You are now signed out of iCloud and Activation Lock has been disabled on your device.

You will receive an email confirming that Find My has been disabled on your device: