Google keeps asking me to sign in

Customer Question: Why is it that whenever I restart my computer I have to log into my Gmail and enter a multi-factor authentication code?

We recently had a great question from a customer that asked why her Gmail would always ask her to sign in and authenticate after she restarted her computer. We helped her with a very simple fix which we would like to share with you.

When you have logged on to your Gmail or Google Workspace Account for the first time Google will trust your computer. This will mean that you do not have to keep entering your verification code. You can read all about it here .

For this to work you need to have Cookies enabled on your browser, in this case Google Chrome. A Cookie is a small file that is placed on your computer by a web site that helps it to identify you. These are not bad by design and most websites use these and in fact require them to work as intended.

The first time you came the iLogix Computer Solutions website at a Cookie banner would have appeared telling you that we use Cookies.

To access your Cookie settings in Google Chrome type chrome://settings/ in the address bar.

Then go to "Privacy and security" then select "Cookies and other site data".

This is where we control how our browser, Google Chrome, interacts with Cookies.

Typically we want to allow Cookies, except is private browsing sessions AKA Incognito, however in the case of our customer she had the option "clear cookies and site data when you close all windows" enabled.

This meant when she closed down her computer the Cookies she needed to be able to sign in to her Gmail where cleared. By disabling this she was able to return the sign in functionality that she wanted.

Like with everything there is a caveat. Everything can be abused.

Cookies are not dangerous, they can not harm your computer however they can be controlled under the right circumstances to allow an attacker to control your browser session. Kaspersky have a really good article that is worth looking at here . iLogix Computer Solutions can not stress enough the importance of up to date Antivirus Software. Make sure you have Antivirus Software installed on your computer especially if it runs Windows. Be sure the subscription is up to date and it is essential to be running the latest security database. Antivirus Software is only as good as its last update.

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