XBOX Burn Out

This XBOX One X has a burned power cable. See what happened.

Disclaimer: Do not take your game console apart. We are not condoning or recommending that anyone dismantles anything electrical unless they have been properly trained. We can not be held accountable for any damage or injury, however if you need help with your game console please call us on 01252 962898.

iLogix Computer Solutions recently had a customer with an XBOX One X where the power cable had melted. The heat had burned through part of the power supply and melted the cable.

This can happen for a number of reason. Loose cables can cause heat to build up which can then burn through the insulation. Other causes like bound cables, power spikes, surges and overloads can also cause this. Coming from an IT background I am a huge advocate of surge protectors. A surge protector will protect an electronic device from certain electrical conditions such as a power spike and a power surge. These are conditions where too much electricity is sent to the device. The difference between a spike and a surge is that a spike is measured in nano seconds and a surge is measured in milliseconds. Although this is faster than a heartbeat it can be enough to cause serious damage to electronic equipment. In a data centre or a corporate server room you also get UPS devices. A UPS is an uninterruptible power supply. This is basically a surge protector with a battery pack. The difference is that in addition to protecting electrical equipment against spikes and surges it also protects again power sags, brownouts and blackouts. We all know what a black out is, especially those who lived during the 1970s, but what is a sag and a brownout. A sag is a loss of power measured in nano seconds and a brownout is a loss of power measured in milliseconds. When a sag, brownout and blackout occur the UPS keeps the electrical equipment powered up using its battery pack. Why would you want this ? many reason but one is this. When a computer needs to power off the operating system goes through a process of sending shutdown events across the system. Stopping services, telling applications to close and gracefully dismounting databases and finally shutting down the kernel. Failure to do this can result in dataloss and an operating system that will not boot. Many UPS devices signal computers through ethernet or in smaller cases via a USB cable telling the computer that battery run time is getting low so it's time to shut down. The UPS will also send out an alert to IT telling them that there is a power loss or similar event.

Going back to our XBOX One X we probably don't need a UPS however spending a few pounds on a Surge protector is not a bad idea. You can get these from Amazon, Argos or any other electrical retailer.

So, with hindsight being the wonderful thing that it is, let's fix this XBOX One X. The first thing we need to do is dismantle it. Remove the damage power supply and other components and look under the microscope.

Looking at the components under the microscope we could not see anything that looked burned out. In this case it seems that the owner may have got lucky. Other than this it was pretty grubby with areas of what appeared to be corrosion.

After cleaning everything up with Isopropyl Alcohol we put it all back together with a brand new power supply and power cable.

The owner can now stop breathing into the paper bag and has been reunited with his XBOX One X.

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