Time Machine Backup

At iLogix Computer Solutions we see Macs come in to our workshop for repair in all manor of condition.

The great thing is that there is nothing that can not be repaired or replaced.

Wrong !!

Although this statement is certainly true about the computer hardware it does not pertain to the data. Think about your documents, spreadsheets, family photos and all those important files that were just a click away. Imagine them gone and never coming back!! not a nice thought.

At iLogix we have seen a lot of different scenarios that prevent the computer storage being read for instance we have seen people forget passwords for encrypted volumes, liquid damage on storage devices and electronic failure. We can repair hardware issues to put the hard drive into a readable and operational state but what if you inadvertently delete a file… the scenarios that can lead to data loss go on and on.

Apple have a feature on macOS called Time Machine. Time Machine is so easy to set up it begs you to switch it on, all you have to do is connect an external storage device and it will ask if you want to use it for your Time Machine Backups.

Notice that you can Encrypt the Backup Disk? If you allow this the data will be ciphered using complex and secure algorithms to prevent anyone other than you from reading your data.

After you enable Time Machine when ever the backup device is attached to your Mac the backup will happen automatically. If you forget to attach the device after a while your Mac will tell you that it has not backed up for a while promoting you to plug the backup device in.

That is how easy Time Machine is. You can also backup to network attached storage removing the need to connect an external disk.

Restoring files or recovering an OS is just as easy.

Time Machine has a superb user interface that really lets you go back in time.

Using the interface simple go scroll back in time, find your file and click restore.

If your Mac storage device suffers a catastrophic failure all is not lost, if you use Time Machine. macOS recovery allows you to restore your Mac onto new or existing hardware from a Time Machine backup.

Apple have made backing up your Mac so easy you don’t have to do anything, your Mac will tell you to backup and tell you when you are not backing up. All you need is an external storage device which you can pick up on Amazon for around £40.00.

If you want to know more about Time Machine click —-> here <—-

You do not need to lose data, Time Machine is only one way to backup. You can use Cloud solutions to protect your files. See the list below for some examples.

Google Drive - Backblaze - Carbonite - iCloud Drive

At iLogix we use Google Workspace for our documents, spreadsheets, meetings, voice, presentations and drive storage. I will blog about this soon, in the meantime take a look and if you are a small business user do not let your IT tell you that you need a server, it’s probably not true.