Nintendo Switch games not working!

Has your Nintendo Switch stopped reading game cards ?

Disclaimer: do not take your game console apart or poke inside with any kind of object. We can not be responsible for damage to you or your Switch. If you need help our number is 01252 962898. This blog is informational fun as well as assurance that help is just a phone call away.


"The game card could not be read. Please remove and reinsert it"

At iLogix Computer Solutions we get a lot of customers ask us to help them with their Nintendo Switch Consoles not being able to read game cards. This is a fault that is common, however, like everything there is a solution.

Game cards with the Nintendo Switch, like most game consoles, are orientated. This means that you can only insert it one way. This has been the way with game consoles for decades. In the past game console cartridges where a lot bigger and the design of the console and cartridge would, in most cases, keep you from mis orientating the game cartridge. The Atari 2600 for example, from the 1980's, was one such game console. The cartridge was loaded into the top of the console and it would stick up with the label facing the player. The following classic, Frogger, meant that when it was loaded into the console the would "Frogger" would be the right way up.

Many Atari cartridge manufacturers also designed their cartridges in a way to make it easier to insert, the same Parker cartridge shown here was bevelled making game insert obvious, easy and straight forward.

The Sega Megadrive from the 1990's was similar but this time the game cartridge housing was designed to stop it being mis inserted. It was like a mushroom shape.

This design was superb because it meant the plastic housing for the electronics protected the delicate board interface. You would meet plastic with plastic before electronics with electronics.