Broken iPad display ?

Don't use it !! its bad for your vision !!

Disclaimer: Do not attempt any kind of repair to electrical equipment unless you have received the proper training. iLogix Computer Solutions can not be held accountable for any damage to you or your property, or anyone else's for that matter. We repair iPads so if you need help call us on 01252 962898.

At iLogix Computer Solutions we see a lot of broken iPad screens. These range from single cracks to complete annihilation.

Looking at the damage with your naked eye will not always reveal the true dangers of an iPad of other tablet in this condition. The main interface for smartphones and tablets is the touch screen. The touchscreen responds to your touch and gestures and displays the output on an LCD under the touchscreen. In our examples here there are two cables that connect the touchscreen to the Logicboard. There is a further flex cable for the home button. Once you have run your fingers over the damaged display you can pick up tiny fragments of broken plastic on you fingers without realising it or thinking about it. If you then rub or itch your eye you could end up causing damage and being in the A&E for hours. We see these tiny fragments under a microscope. Part of the repair process at iLogix Computer Solutions is to be sure that these fragments have all been removed from inside the device. They get everywhere. Under the Logicboard, around the flex cables and this is why we always wear protective gloves when repairing broken screens. iLogix Computer Solutions can not emphasise enough the dangers of having a broken display on your iPad or other device.

However help is just a phone call away, 01252 962898 to be precise and before you know it your iPad will be fixed.

iLogix Computer Solutions are a repair company specialising in Laptops, PCs, Macs, Tablets, Smartphones, Gaming Consoles and TVs. iLogix Computers Solutions not only do batteries and screens but also board level repairs using microsoldering.

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