Bent iPad !! how?

Find out how we repaired this bent iPad.

iLogix Computer Solutions was asked to look at a 10.5" iPad Pro that would not power on. The customer told us that she had charged it up but there were no signs of life.

Disclaimer: Do not copy us, do not take anything in this blog as an instruction. This blog is for informational purposes only and is not a tutorial. If you try to repair your iPad you may cause damage that you may not be able to reverse. If you need help please call iLogix Computer Solutions on 01252 962898.

When we connected the iPad to our bench power supply we saw that there was zero amps being drawn which means it was not even trying to power on.

So, where do we start ? we start with what we can see. The iPad is bent. How this happened is not important in terms of fixing it, however, when the device bows there is a chance that the Logicboard will also bow. Electronic components are soldered onto the Logicboard and there is a potential that the soldered connections can detach under stress.

If we look at the image above we can see that the inductors (big square blocks) do not all appear the same, visual clues, which we often need a microscope for, will tell us the health of Individual components before we even have to get the multimeter out. When we touched some of these inductors we noticed that they moved with the tweezers.

We replaced one of the inductors that was discoloured and reflowed the remaining components. This process will cause the solder to liquify and re establish the contacts.

Success !! our iPad boots.

We need to consider replacing the housing, if not the touchscreen will never seat properly. Regardless, we have successfully carried out a repair on the electronics of this 10.5" iPad Pro.

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