Arctis 9 Wireless Headset - no power

This Steelseries Arctis 9 Wireless Gaming Headset would not power on. Find out what the deal was in this blog.

Caution: Do not dismantle anything. The components inside your device are sensitive to electrostatic discharge, are easily broken and can cause electric shock. iLogix Computer Solutions can not be held accountable for any damage caused to you or your property. If you need help call us on 01252 962898.

Now the disclaimer is out of the way let's continue.

iLogix Computer Solutions were contacted by a gamer with a dead gaming headset. He told us that after the headset was dropped that it would not power on anymore. The following diagram is taken from the Steelseries Arctis 9 Wireless Gaming Headset user manual. It shows us button 09 in the diagram is the power button. To power the device on and off we need to hold the button for 3 seconds.

The plastic power button then interfaces with a tactile switch on the headset system board. When the tactile switch is pressed it completes a circuit and energises the device.

iLogix Computer Solutions also found that the switch was infact damaged and did not function as intended. iLogix Computer Solutions keep a large stock of electronic components, Tactile Switches included, however we could not match the switch we needed.

The solution we came up with was to dismantle the broken switch and repair it using parts from a stock switch.

After we confirmed the switch was functioning we soldered it back in place.

Our Arctis 9 Wireless Gaming Headset now powers on. Our top gamer is now back in business.

iLogix Computer Solutions repair Gaming systems including headsets. In this case we saved the gamer a huge amount of money not to mention saving the planet one repair at a time.

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