80s Arcade

As a retro gamer I have some seriously fond memories of Arcades. Armed with an empty pocket I would spend hours watching the other kids play classics like Yie Ar Kung-Fu. I could spend hours hypnotised by the game play, sounds and the lights.

Here are a couple of classic embedded games for you to enjoy and then very quickly get back to your PS5 thinking just how lucky you are. Remember, iLogix Computer Solutions repair game consoles so you do not need to be stuck here. Our number is 01252 962898

The first games console my Dad and me had was an Atari 2600. It came bundled with Combat which was a set of 27 games where you control Tanks and Planes and battle each other in the fog or a maze where you could even bounce tank shells off the walls to ricochet onto your opponent. This must have been in 1981.