MacBook Pro black screen?

2017 MacBook Pro black screen or mouse freezing?

iLogix Computer Solutions can fix this !!

At iLogix Computer Solutions we recently had a customer report that his Mac was freezing when he opened the lid. When we looked at this for ourselves we observed that when the screen was opened at around 30 degrees you could see the display and move the mouse cursor, when the lid got to 45 degrees the mouse appeared to freeze, you could still see the display and the mouse cursor but the Mac appeared unresponsive. Moving your finger on the trackpad would not make the mouse cursor move. Further when the screen was fully open it went completed black with the exception of a strip of light at the top edge of the display.

Whats the issue ?

With the older MacBook models there is an LVDS cable connecting the screen to the Logicboard, these rarely failed on their own however iLogix Computer Solutions have needed to replace or repair the LVDS cables and connectors as part of either a screen issue or because of liquid damage. Occasionally we would see pins burned out but again that was always down to a wider issue.

With the newer MacBook Pro Models, like this 2017 A1708, there is a screen controller board now. In place of the LVDS cable there are a number of flex cables that connect the screen to the display board and then to the Logicboard.

We have seen that the flex cables deteriorate pretty quickly and because they can not be individually swapped out the fix in this case is a new screen. There is a known issue called "Flexgate" on some MacBook Pro models where the backlight flex cable is too short and over time opening and closing the display damages the backlight cable with the same results.

If you have a 2016 model there is an Apple Service Programme that will fix this issue for free however it does not appear to cover the 2017 model. In this case we suggested that the client contact Apple, however he had already tried this.

iLogix Computer Solutions were able to get his Mac up and running and back to him in a day or two.

iLogix Computer Solutions are Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians. We see a lot of broken Macs. If you have a Mac that is not working contact us for a no obligation repair estimate. Whats more we have a no fix no fee ethos. Using iLogix Computer Solutions to repair your Mac is a no brainer.